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    Stevenage Ready Mixed Concrete

    If you’re a local builder or contractor, there is a good chance you have already been looking for affordable ready mix concrete Stevenage firms recommend. However, when looking for the best ready mix concrete suppliers, you’re going to need to balance things such as cost and quality of care. The quality of service and the quality of product you receive is so important! However, some firms offering cheap ready mix concrete near me Stevenage or elsewhere may not be giving you the best value for money.

    That’s where 3 Counties Concrete differs. Our years of experience in the concrete mixing trade have allowed us to build competitive tariffs for a variety of businesses and contractors. What’s more, we work with various strengths of concrete to mix ratios that make a difference to projects in the long run. Read on to learn more about what we do.

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      The Ready Mix Difference

      Many people may not know why hiring a leading ready mix concrete company Stevenage or elsewhere makes any difference.  The fact is, it will mean a lot of time, effort and money you can easily save.  Think about the effort you go to when mixing up and laying out concrete for jobs.  Doing it by hand, or on your own, is time-consuming, and is going to take a lot of skill and precision.  Many builders and firms make a cost and time-efficient decision to allow concrete mix specialists to take over that role for them.  This means more time for you to spend on other areas of your project.

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      Having your concrete mixed and poured on-site makes a lot of difference.  Think about how much hassle it can be to source all the right concrete bags, and to make sure that you oversee an even pour.  Mixing and pouring on-site will always ensure that you get the best possible mix, when you need it.  There will be no chance for errors, and what’s more, you’ll get fantastic value for money.  All London builders and contractors will be looking to save money as well as hassle when it comes to everyday project concerns.  What if you could complete your job in double-time at half the price?  It is surely a dream come true!


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      Local Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers Stevenage

      The benefit of hiring a local ready mix concrete company Stevenage has to offer lies in the fact that you’ll get access to a speedy service. What’s more, we’ll supply you with a flexible and efficient concrete pumping truck. This will allow us to mix all of your concrete on site, and will also make sure that your mix is pumped out and laid as you expect it to be. Managing this side of things can be a little tricky when you’re doing it on your own.

      With an on-site concrete pump, you are always guaranteed of getting access to a mix which will never over-fill or under-fill. We supply the concrete you need directly to your project. That means you get true value for money – in that you receive exactly what you pay for. We won’t charge you extra for added features or hidden fees along the way. It’s just not how we do things! Concrete pumps can be super flexible, too, which means we can supply concrete to tricky or high-up areas which would otherwise be very difficult to attend to.

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      Low Cost Ready Mix Concrete Specialists

      Many contractors and builders who use our services will be pleased with our flexible tariffs. We don’t think you should ever be paying for more than the products and services you receive from us. Before we even get started, you can use our online concrete mix calculator to decide how much mix you need, at what strength, and within which budget parameters. This means that you can effectively set your budget and start planning ahead of our arrival.

      We prefer to use this system instead of offering prices upfront. This is because we give customers more control over their project and mix supply this way. By letting you calculate your needs ahead of time, you’ll receive ready mix concrete you can feasibly afford. What’s more, you get exactly as much as you require, when you want it. This is a level of convenience that many people are crying out for!

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      Need help from local ready mix concrete suppliers Stevenage builders rely on?  3 Counties Concrete covers the whole of Beds, Bucks and Herts.  No matter your project, whether it is big, small, complex or simple, build a quote with us and we will supply top quality ready mix to you on-site.  Start thinking about saving yourself some serious time and hassle.

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