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    Getting concrete mixed and laid out can be a little bit of a hassle, especially if you are having to handle all the heavy work on your own. Mix on-site concrete provides a fantastic alternative to handling mix on your own, as well as to depending on someone mixing your concrete at an off-site factory. 3 Counties Concrete offers a fantastic concrete pumping service, where we will make sure to mix concrete on site for you based on your own specifications. If you need affordable, reliable mix on site concrete near me, make sure to take a closer look at our services.

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      Benefits of On-Site Concrete Mixing

      As ready mix specialists, we believe that the quickest and most convenient way to deliver and lay concrete is to get it all mixed and delivered on site. Previously, builders and contractors will have needed to mix up their cement on their own. That would mean having to spend time and money finding the right concrete bags, as well as having to transport everything backwards and forwards. What’s more, there is never any guarantee that you’re going to get the perfect blend first time. We like to think that, with mix on site concrete, you can cut down on days’ worth of labour. Think about it this way – getting your concrete mixed and laid on site means no running around or making sure everything is just so. We do all of the mixing for you, providing you offer us the details for your project beforehand.

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      Concrete mixing, regardless of strength or of quantity, is now easier to arrange than ever before. With a complete on site service, we make sure that your project or site gets full access to all the mix it needs, when it needs it. The danger of laying concrete mix ad hoc, or in fits and bursts, is that you may not get the best results. Trust our services to deliver a high-quality, long-lasting mix which is quick to arrange and even quicker to set. You’ll never have too much, or too little. Only ever pay for what you need.


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      Mix On Site Concrete Prices

      Of course, before making arrangements for onsite concrete mixing, you’ll need to know how much you should set aside in your budget.  As part of our open and transparent service, we invite you to take a look at our fantastic online calculator.  This leading system will help you to mix up the concrete you need before we even arrive.  Simply have a few details to hand with regard to your project, and you can calculate exactly what you need.  Mixed onsite concrete prices will vary depending on project needs.  Therefore, the quickest and most reliable way to obtain a quote will be to calculate your mix before you buy!

      With our mix calculator, you’ll be able to choose concrete strength, volume and price.  Therefore, once you have fixed these details in place, you’ll simply need to wait for our experts to arrive on site to deliver the goods.  You’ll get a fixed quote, which means we won’t ever sneak in additional fees or costs along the way.  We want to make sure that you are completely at ease with the service you are getting, as well as the prices you are paying.  To do that, we strive to let you know exactly what’s on the cards before we get started.

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      Advantages & Benefits of Volumetric (On Site Mixed) Concrete

      On site mixed Volumetric concrete is mixed where it is needed keeping it fresh, the various components of the concrete mix (sand, cement and stone) are stored and transported in separate compartments – this means that when the time comes to mix the concrete, it can be tailored and tweaked to your specifications. This means you can control the mix and take into account changing weather, which may alter the type of mix required.

      One of the main benefits of volumetric concrete is that you’re guaranteed to have the right amount of concrete delivered to you. This means there’s no risk of over or under-ordering – the exact amount that you require. Ready mixed concrete is mixed before being transported to the site and delivered in a barrel mixer which means the concrete is already going off on its journey to your site also with barrel mixers anything that is not used goes to waste. When you order from 3 counties concrete there is no waste– it is mixed on site, the correct amount is mixed every time.

      Our Volumetric vehicles can deliver 10m3 of concrete in one visit – more concrete than the traditional barrel mixers. We can also supply small amounts from 1 metre upwards at a price that beats buying the aggregates and mixing it yourself on site, you will not be charged for wastage which is what always happens when a barrel mixer is used for smaller amounts.

      The fact that all our concrete is mixed on site means that should an unforeseen requirement arise, alterations can be made to the mix without halting or hindering the project.

      With traditional ready mix delivered by barrel mixers the batch has been created and transported to the site, it cannot be changed. If a problem arises, the mix cannot be altered which means large amounts of concrete could be wasted.

      Volumetric concrete mixers are lorries that carry the necessary raw materials for a concrete mix – aggregates, cement, water, fibres and any required additives. The specifications for the required concrete mix are programmed into the mixer – the specifications vary depending on what the concrete is being used for :concrete footings, a driveway, shedbase, etc,etc.

      Once the mix has been created, it is poured from the truck into the desired location – this may require the use of a concrete pump – while this is going on, the exact volume of concrete poured is displayed, allowing the pour to stop when the necessary amount has been reached. Once finished, the amount displayed will determine how much the customer needs to pay for the delivery.

      Volumetric concrete is extremely popular for domestic, commercial and industrial applications of all types. With no wastage, exact ordering and no such thing as overpaying, it’s easy to see why it is becoming the number one choice.

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      The 3 Counties Concrete Difference

      The difference with hiring on site mixing from 3 Counties Concrete lies not just in the fact that you get access to top cement and concrete for top prices, but also in the fact that you get incredible quality care from start to finish.  Other ready mix firms may not offer to mix onsite concrete near me.  In addition to this, their concrete mix on site services may not be anywhere near as flexible, or as affordable.

      When looking for cheap concrete mixed on site near me, do be careful.  ‘Cheap’ doesn’t always mean that you are going to get a guarantee of quality.  That’s why we make sure to deliver the best possible value to our customers.  We deliver fantastic quality concrete at prices and rates that are competitive with other firms in our region.  In fact, do call or contact us if you feel we can beat other prices – we’re confident that we can.

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      Looking for low cost onsite concrete prices?  Worried about getting poor quality in exchange for an affordable service?  There’s no need to be concerned. Have a chat with the team at 3 Counties Concrete over the phone 01582 250 886, or email us at  Make use of the online calculator and only ever pay for the amount and strength of mix you need.

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