The “Wonder” Concrete Element

It is not a secret that every construction project requires concrete. You can pick up any construction site, and amidst the heavy machinery and skilled labour, you will always find tons and bags of concrete lying around. In the older days, mortar was used, but infrastructural progress has led to a more remarkable shift and dependence on concrete. That is because concrete is a much more advanced, moldable, flexible, durable, cost-effective construction component essential for your modern-day infrastructure projects. You wouldn’t have to depend on any other material.

But is that it? Are you sure to be using the best, top-quality concrete material for your next construction project? Do you believe that your projects have an application of the most exemplary and desirable innovative layer of concrete in the construction sphere? Probably not! You could be investing in the most refined concrete available locally for your projects, but could they beat the industry-leading concrete that we provide? We doubt it.

What your construction project lacks is “Ready Mix Concrete“. Ready Mix Concrete is an advanced concrete material that many contractors and builders widely use for its multiple and fantastic benefits. Even though you might have vaguely heard about this concrete, we are sure you wouldn’t be aware of what it is and how it can transform your build by keeping your customers happy. Thus, before we move ahead, let us explain in-depth about RMC and the advantages it brings.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

As the name indicates, Ready Mix Concrete, also known as Premixed concrete, is customised concrete manufactured in a controlled environment by specialised machinery. It is then delivered to construction sites in a prepared form via volumetric mixers for immediate use to save project deadlines and overhead costs.

How Can Ready Mix Concrete Enhance Your Project?

As we mentioned earlier, ready mix concrete can not only enhance and uplift your build but also speed up the entire process with a satisfactory result. Let us know what perks ready mix concrete adds to your construction:

  1. High-Quality: With ready mix concrete, you can expect to receive nothing but a guaranteed premium and top-quality concrete as it is prepared in a batching plant under sophisticated and highly-advanced equipment and machinery. Also, only quality aggregates such as water, cement, sand, gravel and crushed stones are used in appropriate ratios to deliver your desired consistent concrete mix batch.
  2. Versatility: One of the most practical uses of the ready mix is that it can be moulded and cast into any shape or applied to any foundation one can practically think of. This highly flexible concrete component can be made into various concrete strengths per your requirement, making it ideal for road development and civil engineering projects, building homes, garages, driveways, patios, offices, buildings, bridges etc.
  3. Time Optimisation: Construction projects work on strict time schedules. A slight delay in deliverables can upset your clients. Ready mix concrete helps avert that situation by taking care of a huge chunk of responsibility by preparing your customised concrete beforehand. With the help of delivery from reliable and professional suppliers, you can instantly commence your work on time.
  4. Zero Overheads Costs: Since you are receiving a premixed supply of quality concrete, you no more have to worry about the burden of purchasing all the raw materials or a wheelbarrow to prepare concrete on-site. In fact, you also save on storage space and can entirely use the site to focus on your construction effectively.
  5. No Labour Costs: In an alternate scenario, wherein you had to prepare concrete on site, you would require additional labour and staffing to help you complete the task skillfully. But, with ready mix concrete, there is no need; hence, you save on hiring additional labour costs.
  6. Affordability: Even though ready mix concrete is a premium quality concrete, the cost of ready mix concrete is incredibly affordable and budget-friendly. The specialised units and mixers take only a specified quantity of raw materials required to prepare your ordered batch. Hence, there is zero wastage, and you only pay for the concrete you use.
  7. Eco-Friendly Concrete: Since ready mix concrete is prepared at a batching unit, it causes minimal and almost reduced noise and air pollution. Minimal dust pollution in its production makes it an environmentally safe choice.

3 Counties Concrete – The Expert Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers

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